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The Solar Store is a full service OPA and BBB accredited Solar PV contractor, supplier and EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) company.  We are among the most experienced Solar companies in Canada and the first certified installers under MicroFIT and FIT incentive programs.

Please call or visit us for a free quote, tour our rooftop system and to learn more about solar!!

This MicroFIT Solar Program sounds great
but where do we start?.......

1) You contact us for a free quote
2) We apply for your microFIT contract
3) We structurally approve the installation
4) We install your new solar system
5) We monitor performance for life

6) You collect a cheque every month!!

All You have to do is contact us and then sit back and enjoy the income from your GREEN investment!

The earth receives enough energy from the sun every hour to power the planet for an entire year!

Thank you for your interest in The SOLAR Store. We are an energy consulting firm and solar system distributor in London.  We have developed a complete solar photovoltaic (PV) installation program for Ontario homes and buildings.  We are Better Business Bureau accredited and a certified vendor with the Ontario Power Authority in full operation with the MicroFIT/FIT (Feed In Tariff) solar incentive program.  The purpose of this program is to reduce electricity demand and carbon emissions with clean renewable energy production. 

Under Ontario Power Authority’s new microFIT incentive program, solar system owners will receive a 20 year contract which guarantees income for the production of solar electricity for a term of 20 years.  With no moving parts, these systems require minimal maintenance and may produce energy for several years beyond the term of the contract.

576 Oxford St E London ON

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Below are pictures of our recent 10kW installation in North/East London Ontario.

 8kW installation in South London (Lambeth) Ontario.

Thank you Chorley Bisset Engineering, Tambro construction and The Catholic School Board for awarding The Solar Store this 10kW installation on Our Lady Of Lourdes Catholic School in Delaware Ontario.


Two 10kW Tracker systems installed with A&J Electric in Shedden Ontario.

To view live performance data on The Solar Store PV system use the following link.


r more information on the microFIT solar program please see our Solar Products page.

Please see our Project Details page for recent solar installation projects.

Visit us at 526 Adelaide St N in London!


Additional Services:

We also offer energy audit services including EcoEnergy home audits to take advantage of grants for various home energy upgrades.   Please contact us to arrange an energy audit.  We look forward to speaking with you.

Please read the grant table below for eligibility and applicable grant amounts and see our Energy Audits page for more information.



Green Power Promotions was started in 2001 to enable exploration and implementation of renewable energy.  We have, and continue to provide energy consulting services and energy audits under several government programs including Energuide for houses, EcoEnergy, LEED and ESTAR for houses.  Currently, we are in full scale development with Ontario Power Authority's microFIT and FIT programs. 

See links below for Canadian Solar Industry Association, Government of Ontario and Natural Resources Canada.


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